The below are answers to the most commonly asked questions typically asked. I hope it covers your questions as well, but feel free to reach our via phone or email if you have anything else to ask.

What agreement options are available?
I use the same agreement types you may already be familiar with. Block, or monthly recurring. Both agreements cover best practice implementation, custom scripts and monitors, knowledge transfer, cross-pollination, and other consulting services. The difference is that the block agreement has a limited number of hours to be used and we need to re-evaluate the agreement when those hours run out. The monthly agreement supports an “unlimited” number of hours for the term of the agreement.

What are the limits on “unlimited”?
Much like phone carriers, we need to define “unlimited” for the monthly agreement. While no hard limit is specifically set for hours, it’s not quite like hiring a 40-hour per week employee. Projects and issues are worked and resolved as quickly as reasonably possible, which may take minutes, days, or weeks, depending on the issue and communication level and your needs at the time. Most clients utilize around 15 hours per month on the agreement.

Is there any kind of commitment?
The block agreement has no commitment requirement at all. You purchase the agreement and we use the hours as needed. The monthly agreement does have a 3 month minimum term. The good news is that since you don’t have a hard limit on hours, more time and effort can be put in to implementing solutions for you, as well as proactive efforts made to improve your configuration since this won’t cause any unexpected bills for you.

How do we submit issues?
ConnectWise Manage, of course! Most issues and discussions are best addressed via a ticket in Manage. This isn’t just for issues that need to be fixed or implemented, but it’s also good to have questions documented as well. That way everyone knows what’s going on all the time. Submitting a ticket is easy: email [email protected].

What if I have an urgent issue?
Simple…if you need something resolved quickly, include the word “Urgent” in the subject of your email/ticket. It’ll get prioritized as quickly as possible. If you have an emergency, you can of course call and we can work to address it immediately if necessary.

Do any changes get reverted when the agreement is over?
Of course not! The time and energy invested in your system remain for your ongoing use when we part ways. Any custom scripts, monitors, policies, etc remain in your control and will not be removed or altered in any way.

What types of services are available with the agreement?
Customizing and developing new scripts, monitors, templates, and schedules, configuring patching policies, knowledge transfer (basic training), brainstorming, and cross-pollination are included in the block agreement. Because there is no hard limit on the monthly agreement, some additional checks and maintenance occur where available; this includes proactively looking for new things to implement that can better help your company, as well as updating your Automate server software with monthly patches if you’d like.

What is cross-pollination?
This is the practice of taking something that works well for one company and putting it to good use at another. If a great script is created to solve a problem for one company and it looks like it would fit really well for your company, why reinvent the wheel when the same script can be brought on for you? Of course, tweaks and changes can be made as necessary, but sharing anonymized monitors, scripts, and ideas means that everyone benefits. Sharing is limited only to items created by LTE and your existing items would never be shared with another company.

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